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14-17 September 2020 IEC "Expocentre", Moscow Become Exhibitor

Logistics and Forwarding

Arrange your logisitcs

BTG Expo is the official and sole on-site freight forwarding and handling contractor. Please contact immediately BTG Expo head office for further details about their tariffs, shipping deadlines and customs regulations or the address of BTG´s agent in your country. BTG Expo speaks English, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Polish.


Contact: Ewa Seitz

Tel: +49 69 408987 108

Fax: +49 69 408987 222

Mob: +49 151 52 640 477  



Exhibitors not using the services of the official freight forwarder BTG Expo GmbH have to follow the below procedure:

  • prepare a list of the taken-in goods in Russian language on the company letterhead in triplicate. Please, download the example of the list.
  • this list is to be signed and stamped by the Organiser (in the Organiser's Office) and by the local Expocentre exhibition director
  • this list is to be registered by the local pavilion manager who will provide you with the move-in pass
  • present one copy of the letter to the guard at the entrance of the fairground while moving in
  • please keep one copy of the move-in letter till the end of the exhibition, move-out of exhibits will be authorized based on this document

Attention: Exhibitors who install their own stands can bring in their exhibits only after agreement of their stand layout with the Organiser and the official fair constructor ExpoConsta.

Attention: Move-in/move-out of exhibits during the fair opening hours is prohibited.