Exclusive participation formats 2021

Integrate your brand into the special conceptual exhibition zone. Choose your participation format!

Pavilion 2: Technical lighting, Components, Electric lamps, Electrical Engineering, Building automation, Smart home, Integrated security systems, Smart city.
Pavilion 8: Decorative lighting, Festive lighting.

For whom: For companies which want to show lamps in the interior.
Location: Pavilion 8, decorative lighting exposition.

Design Box is a cube-shaped booth in which any interior can be recreated. In fact Design Box is your personal showroom at the trade fair. You can decorate Design Box with help of your designer. Or we can provide you Design Box made by our designer so you just need to integrate your lamps. Design Box can be your only booth at the trade fair, or an addition to the main booth.

Light box / Smart box

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Light Box
For whom: For companies which want to show how technical lighting works in real life.
Location: Pavilion 2.

If you want to show how technical lighting technologies work in real life, the most effective desicion for you is Light Box. In this zone, you can recreate the thematic setting of the area whose audience is of your interest. Light Box can be: Lighting of museum shoepiece, UV lamps in the hospital interior, architectural facade lighting, phytolamps, etc. This way your Light Box will draw attention of the target visitors. Light Box can be your only booth at the trade fair, or an addition to the main booth.

Smart Box
For whom: For companies which want to show how building automation and smart home technologies, integrated security systems work in real life.
Location: Pavilion 2.

How to attract attention to the booth with building automation technologies and integrated security systems? Make these technologies work! In Smart Box zone you can exhibit smart home kit solutions: control using a smart speaker, access system, video surveillance, face recognition and much more. Smart Box can be your only booth at the trade fair, or an addition to the main booth.

Trend zone Smart Cube


For whom: For manufacturers of technologies for a "smart" and safe home, as well as suppliers of interior solutions.
Location: pavilion 2.

New life of the popular zone: the specially created interactive trend zone “Smart Cube” demonstrates how intelligent building technologies work in real life. You have a chance to participate in Smart Cube 2021 and integrate your products and / or technologies into the trend zone. Let's show together what a “smart home” can be!


Light in the city: Outdoor lighting exposition


For whom: For street lighting and smart city technology manufacturers.
Location: Between Pavilion 8, 1 and Forum.

The section of special expositions allows you to see how light can work on the street. Architects, designers, designers and developers have the opportunity to get acquainted with manufacturers and their products. The special exposition "Light in the City" was first introduced in 2018, and a year later the number of companies represented in the special exposition increased significantly. Become a part of the "Light in the city"!

For whom: For festive lighting manufacturers.
Location: Pavilion 8.

The best way to show magic of light is to show it in the dark. For the first time Festive Light Exposition will be located in the dark pavilion. Christmas lights, decorative lighting figures, New Year's installations and other products that create a festive mood during the dark season. Shop window design zone will be located in the dark pavilion too.

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