Dark pavilion at Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2021

Зал 8.3

Festive light exposition

The best way to show magic of light is to show it in the dark. For the first time Festive Light Exposition was located in the dark pavilion of Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2021. Christmas lights, decorative lighting figures, New Year's installations and other products that create a festive mood during the dark season. According to the polls, 25% of exhibition visitors are interested in festive lighting.

Retail Design Exposition

Retail design leaders headed by Olga Bolkunova created a showcase exposition at Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2021, where they demonstrated professional trends of working with lighting in retail spaces using the products of exhibiting companies.

Exposition Creators

Ольга Болкунов_из интернета_чб


Olga Bolkunova, Head of RETAIL DESIGN STUDIO and Visual Merchandising School

Дина Якушина_из интернета_чб

Dina Yakushina, Head of window display and visual merchandising department at "Azbuka vkusa"

Марина Полковникова_из интернета

Marina Polkovnikova, Founder of VMC Retail agency, fashion merchandising specialist

Ксения Савиных_из интернета2_чб

Kseniya Savinykh, Founder of the DECOR VITRIN design studio

Иван Копылов_Future Creative Department

Ivan Kopylov, Chief designer of DLT Creative Department

Наталья Ионова_разместить_чб

Natalya Ionova, Shop windows decorator

Small Architectural Forms

Next to the open educational venue for designers and architects Interlight Design Academy, there was an exposition of MAFs (small architectural forms, such as benches) and luminous figures in the dark pavilion, harmoniously completing the lighting exposition they were in great demand among visitors.