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World and Russian trends in smart city development at Intersec Forum Russia 2019

Sep 30, 2019

The second Intersec Forum Russia was held in Moscow on 12 September 2019. This year not only innovations in building automation and security were discussed, but also the prospect for smart cities development.


International Forum dedicated to building automation and integrated security systems Intersec Forum Russia was held during Interlight Russia | Intelligent Building Russia 2019 in Moscow on September, 12. 

“Intersec Forum Russia is an excellent platform for discussions and experience sharing with the market’s leaders. This year topics for discussion were expanded. The new topic of the agenda was trends in smart city development”, told one of the speakers of Intersec Forum Russia, Dmitry Kuznetsov, expert in Building Automation and Dispatch Control Systems, CROC.

New security challenges appear in the context of rapid urbanization. Counter-terrorism, ecological, transport and information security issues become more and more important. The experts of the market and authorities met at the Intersec Forum Russia to discuss security innovations and cutting-edge developments for the smart city creation.

The session was moderated by Andrey Belozerov, Vice President, NGO “Smart Cities”. He managed more than 300 projects in the area of smart cities as a Deputy Head of the Department of Informational Technologies of Moscow.


Daria Mukhortova, Deloitte, and Denis Serechenko, Huawei Enterprise, presented implemented projects in Russia and around the world: participants of Intersec Forum Russia could get up-to-date information about technological solutions applied in San Diego that help to save more than 2 million dollars on maintenance costs annually. In addition, speakers gave a talk about the most interesting cases and innovations for ICT-structure of smart cities.

Yury Khakhanov, Skolkovo, shared experience of Skolkovo’s development and his vision of implementation “Smart City” project in Russia. Andrey Volkov, National Research University MGSU, made a presentation on “Smart City: new science and technology”.

“One of the main technologies for the creation of smart cities is the Internet of Things. It means not only new technical and program solutions, but also changes of product’s tenure patterns. I spoke at Intersec Forum Russia on this topic. In today's world, many services are purchased under the SaaS scheme, with a regular subscription, determined by the quantity and content of the services received. Now a similar model is available for dispatching systems - both within the building and throughout the whole city”, told Dmitry Kuznetsov.

Special attention was paid to the security and safe of cities. Igor Zentsov, a senior scientific specialist, The Emergencies Ministry of Russia, spoke about the concept of building and development of the “Safe City” project. Alexander Minin, CEO NtechLab, presented a unified video analytics system for the city that allows transform the urban environment into a safe space. He also spoke about realized projects around the world. Participants of Intersec Forum Russia learned peculiarities of citizens securing during the World Cup 2018.


Top experts of the market reviewed in details digital technologies in construction and innovations in this area during the second session.

Another significant topic of Intersec Forum Russia 2019 was “Smart Building. Automation, security, resource efficiency”. Modern developments enable not only automate building's engineering systems and reduce operating costs, but also fully automate the management of commercial real estate, including work with tenants, sales and marketing. Nikolay Rusanov, IoTraining, the moderator of the session helped the participants to review the topic in details and learn about all the innovations.

A separate block of the fringe programme was devoted to the automation and security of shopping centers. Industry experts discussed peculiarities of retail security, need for better understanding of customers and cost optimization with the help of new technologies.

Inspite of the fact Intersec Forum Russia took place only the second time it became the proper platform for experience sharing, professional dialogue between industry representatives and a good place to discuss new technologies.

Partner of Intersec Forum Russia 2019 – Günsan Elektrik.

See you at Intersec Forum Russia 2020!