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First in Russia: smart home technologies from Istanbul – Multitek Elektronik

Jul 22, 2019

Multitek Elektronik technologies are the choice of the most prestigious Istanbul objects. Multitek Elektronik wants to enter the Russian market and we’re happy they choose trade fair Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia, that will take place since 10th to 13th of September in Moscow. We talked to CEO of Multitek Elektronik ADNAN DEMİRKOL about the company and the market in common.


– This year Multitek Elektronik is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Please accept our congratulations and tell shortly for our visitors about your company.

– Multitek was founded in 1989, established at Istanbul – TURKEY. We are a manufacturer and exporter company specializing intercom and smart home systems.  We are developing both hardware and software in our own R&D department which is certified by government as an R&D center.

Multitek has more than 150 employees, 8 branch offices in Turkey with more than 500 dealers providing sales and after sales services. Multitek also exports to more than 20 countries located in  Europe, Middle East, Africa, Balkans and Asia.

– What products and services would you like to present on trade fair Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia? And why especially these products and services?

– We present our newest technology products such as wireless and wired smart home / building systems, IP and analogue intercom systems, internet of things (IoT) devices on the fair. We believe smart home and IoT technologies will grow even more popular in the near future.  


– Are your products and services are already available on Russian market?

– We don’t have any distributors in Russia, that’s why we are here, to meet with customers and investors. We are ready to share all of our experience and support with our distributor. Our researches show that there is great potential in the Russian market.

– Why Russian market is interesting for you?

– Russia, such a big and developed country, culturally has affected thousands of people all around surroundings countries. Especially the Russian Federation has become a world power. We are also geographically very close and very similar in certain issues. Additionally, Russian people are also known as fond of new technology.  So we have decided that, we should be in this market as a technology creating company. 


– How would you describe market of smart home and automation solutions?

– in the world

– The smart home and automation solutions are widely used in the North America and Western Europe. Each year the interest to the smart home solutions are growing. And gradually all other markets have more interest to the technology. Both construction companies and DYI type individual users are interested in the subject. And we still did not see anything at all, in the near future great devices will be produced to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

– in Turkey

– Many construction projects in Turkey have already started to implement the smart home solutions in the last three years. And it is growing in each year.

– in Russia

– As Russian people are fond of new technologies, we think, Russians are also eager to implement this technology that makes people's lives easier.

– How do you think, what are the trends in smart home and automation solutions now? What is on demand in countries you work with?

– Mobile access and mobile control, cloud applications, voice recognition, voice control and face recognition are the latest trends in this field. And Multitek has already have many solutions in this direction. Usually our customers in the other countries ask similar demands as those technologies become mature. As a technology developer we appreciate our customers demand and try to evaluate them very carefully.

– How do you think, what smart home and automation solutions will be on demand in the future?

– In the near future, all homes will be smart with lots of artificial intelligence! Now it’s time to implement devices and get used to them. But as data collection increases, many incentives will be introduced to make our homes even smarter.

Multitek thinks the voice recognition and voice control via smartphone will be dominating the smart home market together with big data collection and artificial intelligence applications.