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Hardware-software complex «Unilight»to allow implementing the whole range of “smart” technologies

Jul 30, 2018

Interlight Moscow 2018 is more than just light, it’s technologies, smart technologies! This year, Russian company “IT Smart City” will be among the companies proving it, and present its know-how at the fairgrounds. The company has developed its own intelligent software and hardware complex "Unilight", which allows monitoring and management of outdoor lighting, controlling road conditions in the city, unifying the data and creating of algorithms for adaptive management of transport infrastructure within a single information platform.

Street lighting control system “Unilight” developed on a unique platform, which allows the city within the same information platform to implement solutions within the concept of “Smart City” and the “Internet of Things”, i.e. payment system of urban and interurban transport, passenger transportation control system, parking space control, ticket system for cultural-mass sector, information system, reference and navigation service, etc.

“Unilight” system advantages:

·         Cost efficiency;

·         Remote diagnostic;

·         Road infrastructure control;

·         Individual control of luminaire in hazardous road areas;

·         New commercial solutions.

It is also remarkable that “Unilight” system is fully Russian developed and made (included in the register of the Domestic Software), and successfully tested in a number of large cities of Russia and CIS countries.

“Unilight” implementation has already shown first effect: luminaire quality and network control have significantly grown to raise energy saving figures and boost roads safety characteristics.   

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