Special expositions

This section of the exhibition sublimated the most interesting developments on one platform. These points of attraction allow visitors to explore the latest achievements, inspiring by current trends. Experts of leading companies represent not only there developments,  but a harmonious space where you can literally touch trends.

Outdoor lighting

The section of special expositions was introduced in 2018. Outdoor lighting exposition successfully debuted on the open area between pavilions 1 and the Forum: street lamps, lanterns lanes, New Year's compositions and much more.

Inspire by the festive atmosphere that exhibitors will create  in the context of outdoor exposition this year and find out how the light can work on the street.

At the stands of manufacturing companies will be representatives of urban structures, designers, developers, designers will have the opportunity to find contacts of business partners.

Festive lightning

25th edition of Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia prepared a new point of interest in the context of Decorative lighting exposition (Pavilion 7).

At the very beginning of the season, it's a proper time to think about Christmas decorations. In Hall 7.5 visitors will be able not only to obtain a quick overview of the products, but also to attend sessions where speakers will reveal some secrets and peculiarities of working with such type of lighting in the context of urban space.

Building Automation Joint Booth

Joint Booth is an excellent solution for companies, newcomers of the market, which have just begun to gain technological space, as well as for big players who set global trends.

Starting from this year, ALL companies (not only those working on the KNX protocol) have the opportunity to present smart developments in such a convenient format!

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